Catastrophism and the Christian Roller Coaster

20 May

Throughout the development of Geognosy to Geology,arguments maintained through catastrophism. Later with Hutton, Lyell and Smith, Geology was founded through Uniformitarianism or Gradualism.

Catastrophism: Neptunists of Geognosy used this theory that the earth depositied metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rock through short lived catastrophies. These catastrophic events shaped the earth to what it is now according to the Neptunists.

Uniformitarianism: aka Gradualism. The earth has had deposits of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock by slow processes that were/are long lived and still are taking place.

Neocatastrophism: The dinosaurs and other pre historic animals went extinct because of a catastrophe like a long lived ice age or a volcano or an earthquake. I do not believe that neocatastrophism is the answer to the extinction of the dinosaurs this is just another form of catastrophism.

*In reality: both paradigms that have affected the ideas of geognosists and geologists, are true. Catastrophies happen that change the form of the earth and sea. Uniformitarianism affects every piece of land on this globe.

*i.e. catastrophism and uniformitarianism in action happening always.

Catastrophism Events

*Volcanoes: cinder cones: spewing ash and raising the height of these smooth cones.
composite cone/stratovolcanoes: spews ash, gas and magma/lava. This type affects the shape of the earth which supports types of catastrophism. Calderas occur from the caving in of volcanic cones often from these types. a’a lava from these volcanoes also deforms the surface.
shield volcanoes: spewing pahoehoe lava, it deforms the surface by sprouting up on cinder cones and composite cones. Channeled scablands from floods in washington state is an example of pahoehoe lava deforming the surface of the earth and this exhibits a form of catastrophism

*Earthquakes: they place cracks in the earth deforming the surface (i.e. catastrophism). Port au Prince is a good example of this. The city is on a strike slip fault that slides in opposite directions of each other building stress like a rubber band and finally springing back causing the earth to shake. If Haitians were in smaller numbers they could be extinct right now. If this were true this could be a parallel example to the possible extinction of dinosaurs and other pre historic animals by catastrophisim. As in Port au Prince, Haiti, San Francisco, California is also on a strike slip fault (San Andreas fault) and in the future SF will be the next 2010 Port au Prince.

*Landslides: California is another good example.
*Sinkholes: in Karst topography areas, limestone is eaten in the ground by water creating cavities underground (resulting in beatiful caves that reside in MO, SD, AK, CO, FL and other states). When there is a large amount of cavities underground, heavy structures on the surface like houses fall in the cavity that is created.

*Ice Ages/Glacial Invasion: Every animal is used to its habitat and when its habitat is changed it will die and not prosper. When glaciers come into a previously unglaciated area or when the climate takes a change for the lower temps, the life there dies.

*Tornadoes/Lightning storms: tornadoes happen when two kinds of air come together pushing against each other. Much damage is resulted from this. It is not geological but it is catastrophist. Lightning storms start fires which create fire storms(i.e. California wildfires/ grassland or steppe grass fires)

*Tsunami: as a result of an earthquake under water, the ocean water is sucked deep into the ocean and then comes back as a huge wave that destroys the whole shore side (i.e. Indonesia, Thailand etc.).

*Hurricanes: aka typhoons in pacific. Everyone knows what they are. Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, LA and killed many. Hurricane Charlie is another very well known hurricane that did much damage.

other disasters and catastrophes may have occured to kill animals and change the shape of the earth in some way. All of these things support catastrophism and neocatastrophism.

Uniformitarianism/ Gradualism

*Erosion: The earthly formations exposure to the elements (i.e. weathering).
*Glaciation: When glaciers move across mountains or plains, a certain type of erosion occurs creating things like hanging valleys in mountain ranges and cirques.
*Water erosion: The banks of an ocean are always eaten away by the tide continuing to come in and out.
*Igneous Intrusion: Batholiths or laccoliths are when magma rises up into the crust and raises the effected area. dikes are a way of magma to intrude on a smaller scale.

many other specific processes proceed on the earth changing it gradually.

For both uniformitarianism and catastrophism, the litospheric plates float on the asthenosphere causing gradual and long of short and catastrophic changes on the earth. Both the neptunists and plutonists were right in geognosy. This debate helped found geology and decide that both ideas are right in what makes the surface/crust of this earth change shape.

In the previous Catastrophism post, I spoke about catastrophes that impacted the shape of the earth along with the fact that changes also happened gradually. The same is true for the personalities and behaviors of humans. There are large events in our lives that change who we are, how we think and how we behave. We also have gradual ideas that change us

Gradualism in Humans:


Catastrophism in Humans:
the important thing is that when we are not obeying, listening to, acknolwedging or talking to God, bad things happen. He put us on this world to obey him. If we are able to stick with him while we are living here, and accept him as our Lord and Savior we will succeed and live in heaven with him.
Without his presence in our lives things go wrong. Horribly wrong. Even though this happens naturallly, God uses those horrible things that happen to us to steer us back to him.

Cycle of the Sinner: Those who even have the slightest faith in God and his powers acknowledge and pray to God when they are in tough times. The tough times happen because of our lack of acknowledgement to God. We have to get past this to have the best relationship with God and to be the most like him.

Happy Independence:
When things go great in our lives, we are happy with it and we feel that we dont need to pray or acknowledge God in any way because things are perfect. We dont actually think this it just is a given for when we are happy. After a while of this happy independence the cycle takes a change for the worse.

Depressed Dependence:
Things will inevitably go wrong when we have not acknowledged God. In this stage we are worried or sad about the conditions in our lives. This is used by God to bring us back to him and after enough praying, repentence and relationship with God things will get better but then if the sinner does not learn, the sinner will be right back in this spot doing these things all over again.

The depressed dependence is a result of catastrophes that may occur of have occurred making the sinner sad/worried and praying to God for help.
This roller coaster of a cycle in catastrophism can always be avoided by regular contact with God. Im not saying things will be always great with regular contact but it wont exceed to a depressed dependence.

*I myself have experienced this cycle multiple times and am not saying that I am not a sinner and I am not saying that I always have regular contact with God

The Christian Roller Coaster


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