Does God Exist? Theodicies

20 May

Every day people question their own beliefs and question the established religions that state the existence of an all powerful and all loving god. Philosophy questions God and the establishments that believe in God. Theodicies are formed to explain why a god can exist with suffering and unhappiness still being allowed to occur. After all the theodicies were formed, not one is able to explain this. Theodicies only exist because some people need a philosophical or scientific explanation and they will not allow faith to take over.            The current theodicies existing today include absence of God causing evil to flourish, free will of people allowing people to choose between good and evil, and the requirement of people to experience evil to enter heaven. People look at Christianity and the question of why the all loving Jesus would allow suffering, sickness and sadness to exist. Some Christians even have a hard time with this question while actively practicing the religion. The philosophical discussion of the existence of God would really turn them in the wrong direction. This question often leads to the purpose of existence and other religious questions. Being a Christian myself, this is a topic frequently brought up by Christians within a church. The answer given by pastors and ministers usually answers the question of what purpose we have on this earth.            The theodicy of absence of good is not accepted by the Christian faith. God is always present. The experience of evil to succeed theory is also not accepted by the Christian faith. Theodicies to Christians really are not necessary because the ideas in the free will theodicy have existed in the religion before theodicies were desired to answer questions. In the Bible, it is stated that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil causing them to be exiled from the garden causing pain and anguish. This caused all pain that has ever existed. God intended for that to happen. God has a reason for all things happening. God had a reason for Hurricane Katrina. The reasons for all things that happen cause a better ending even if it is painful now. The free will theodicy works best with God’s plan because we are here to serve God. We are here to make good and moral choices that do good things for ourselves and for everyone else. If we succeed in this task along with other things that God commands people to do, one can enter heaven and escape eternal fire. Christians believe that we are all sinners and combating this to serve God and getting past all the evil things allows people to succeed. There are some differences between God’s plan and the free will theodicy but this theodicy best fits mine and all Christian’s beliefs.            God is all powerful and all loving. The bad things that happen are ways that God gives us a better ending. The evil and suffering that exist do not contradict God as an all powerful and all loving deity. Christians believe that God has a plan for all sinners. Sin that we may like or enjoy at one moment will only cause demise in the end. Doing righteous things or trying to do righteous things to the best of one’s ability may cause pain and suffering down the narrow path (the narrow path being the way towards righteousness and the wide path being the way to eternal death and demise) but in the end, the plan that the all powerful and all loving God has will be eternal life. When one crosses the narrow path, very hard things may happen but one must have faith to some degree that the all loving all powerful being will make things turn out right.


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