Soul, Self and Body

20 May

this is a post I did a long time ago on another blogging site.

The self is a complex emotional and sensitive being that has many things tied into it that gives it its identity. My interpretation of the self has 6 components.

1) Desire- This component of the self is very large and covers a lot of territory and a

lot of things that occupy our thoughts. Desire is broken into two catergories

A. Good Desire- These two areas also cover the soul (not to say that the

soul is only made of desire). Good desire includes all of

our wants that contribute in a good way to our life and to

the lives of others. Good desire being fulfilled does not

commit sin. Examples: leading a successful life, pursuing real and true (not lustful) love (most likely marriage related), maintenance of life (safety, hygiene, enough food and water and shelter being acheived legitimately).

B. Sinful Desire- Includes all of our wants that contribute badly to our own life and to the lives of others. Fulfilling this desire is usually comitting a sin. Examples: lusty sexual unwholesome actions, drug use, alcohol use to extreme levels, bad habits, decisions to sleep rather than go to work or school, murder, lies etc.).

All humans have both types of desire obviously.

2)God- I use God/Jesus because He is the only real Supreme Being. It represents some sort of Supreme Deity that the self holds onto for comfort and spiritual satisfaction. This part of the self exists even if it is not God/Jesus because people who worship Allah/Ahura Mazda/Brahma etc. still make the deity a part of them to use for any concern they may have.
About atheists and agnostics, I do not believe that they have never had any desire for a deity to hold onto to comfort them. They may feel that way for extreme long periods of time but i think that some point in their life, they feel this part of the self.

3)Satan/Evil Demon- People during Rene Descartes’ time were skeptical of God because they thought that God deceived them until Descartes gave the Evil Demon hypothesis. It is not a hypothesis. The bad desire comes from this demon. anyone being turned against the God, has experienced decpetion by this evil demon. Lies and bad desire are basically what comes from this demon and our self usually has some connection to it and we have to choose to cast it out and embrace God. Usually this part of the self is extremely small. The fact that we are sinners keeps this small part within us.

4)Family- The famliy includes relatives you have known all or most of your life that if you did not have those people your life would be very different and very lonely. It is often said that the only thing we love more than family is God. Family includes blood relatives, children and spouses.

5)Common Knowledge- One might think I am referring to Descartes’ innate ideas but I am not. I do not really believe in innate ideas from Descartes’ viewpoint unless innate ideas would be God’s comfort. Common Knowledge grows as one goes through life. Common knowledge example would be the fact that we know not to cross the street when a bus is driving on it because we would get hit right? or that we should not stop breathing because we would lose oxygen and die.
Enculturation teaches some common knowledge and as one finishes life under a parent common knowledge is even bigger and as one goes through college, it might be common knowledge that the Greeks conquered the Persians. .. etc….. Common knowledge usually refers to the knowledge that prevents you from doing things that could harm yourself or others.

6)Compassion/Emotions- This varies upon the person but everyone has enough to care about others. Usually if you see a person drop his or her papers and books you might help the person pick them up. Some would not which is why this part of the self varies from person to person. If your friend’s mother died you would feel sad for that person and would maybe comfort them. that is compassion. Compassion includes the feelings toward animals that are abused. Anything that is hurting/having a hard time and you feel emotion for that person is compassion and this occupies a part of the self. Relationships with other people especially intimate ones are fueled by this part of the soul along with a few other components.

All personality traits of the self contribute to either 1, 2, 5 or 6.
Things like hobbies and other entertainment activities the self enjoys is occupied by the Desire component.
It is quite possible for certain components of the self to overcome or even minimize other components. for example: Adolf Hitler, Nazi criminal who started the Final Solution to exterminate the Jews. It is obvious within him that the Bad Desire (and maybe the Satan/evil demon part) part of his ‘self’ overcame his compassion/emotion part. His desire to kill tons of people (murder, included in Bad Desire) pretty much killed off his compassion/emotion part because he did not care about how much they suffered.

This set amount of components for the self can change a lot as observed in Hitler. Mental health issues can deteriorate parts and other incidents can happen such as multiple personality disorder where balance of their self changes drastically. More on this self/soul change in a later post of Soul Self and

My favorite interpretation of the soul is from Plato. He describes the soul as having two horses: one horse being white representing Good, another horse being black representing Evil. There is another figure guiding the horses. I think of this as they show it in the movies with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder trying to convince you to do what is best/ what you want. Below are the way I think about the soul

1) White Horse- As talked about in the Self, there is Good Desire. In my opinion, this white horse represents the voice inside you sometimes influenced by God, telling you the best thing to do that is best for everyone. In my opinion God does not directly affect this part of the soul.

2)Black Horse- This horse in my opinion is directly influenced by the Evil Demon/Satan. In National Lampoons Animal House, a guy was with a girl when she passed out, the demon on his shoulder told him to do her even though she was passed out (doing so would be very very wrong). I think that someone being really in this situation having this voice inside them telling him to do her is a voice fueled by evil and sin because it would be evil to do that to a passed out girl. That might have been a bad example but heres a better one: I was tired this morning and wanted to skip class and almost did because a strong influence was over me to just lay back down in bed but I didnt and i went to class. I think that is what the black horse part of the soul really is.

3)Guide- Plato described this part as leading the horses towards the extreme best option.
I think that this guide represents God in our life. Usually the Guide makes the white horse’s wants happen. This guide’s wants must be served.

If the Guide’s wants are not served, the balance and order in the soul will turn upside down.

Soul Satisfaction: Being a follower of God, I have had periods of time where i have turned away from Him for awhile. I have done some sinful things that i usually restrain myself from doing but sin took some power for those periods. People need God in life. Without God in life, things do not go right. You will be blessed a lot less. Great things happening in life will decrease. Depression due to distance from God may occur. God has a plan for everyone and distancing yourself from Him does not satisfy the soul. If the two horses just do what they want, those actions will conflict and pure chaos will exist without the horses allowing the Guide to moderate their actions.
The way the soul is satisfied is when the two horses stop doing things for themselves and allow the Guide to step in (letting God be in you and bless you). The way one does this is to

  • strive to be like God
  • serve God (carry out his plan for you, serve Him by serving others)
  • achieve salvation if havent already
  • read scripture
  • obey His word (obey Ten Commandments and other commands)
  • worship/pray alone and with others
  • trust Him

This the anatomy of the soul because this is what is necessary to satisfy it. If the soul is not satisfied, the self will change for the worse. Subconsciously the Satan component of the self will take power along with Bad Desire over the other ones that nurture the soul.

The soul sits on top of the self because the soul is as Descartes states res cognitans.

The self sits below the soul because the self will die with the body (res extensa).

Descartes states the body to only be the extension of the soul.

With this proclamation, if the soul is not satisfied and healty, the self will collapse under it and it will change for the worse.

Soul and Body- As stated above, the body is an extension of the soul. The soul is immaterial. The soul will never die. We have a body because we are here to serve God. we were placed here to achieve entrance to Heaven. God just gave us this body to live here for a short time. The body is material and when it dies the material decomposes and it is no more. During death, the soul is only moved to another location.

Before going into the possible changes of the self, I must state that the soul itself cannot change.
The core of the entity that is you cannot change. Sometimes the white horse or the black can be strong for periods of time or sometimes the Guide may not be allowed to take part in decisions but, essentially the soul cannot change. The soul shifts only change the self

The Unchangeable Self

  • God- The feelings towards a deity that you have always loved cannot ever change in you. You may distance yourself for awhile but the roots you have planted from that deity can never be uprooted. Any mental health issue that you ever get may change your personality and make you do things that your God does not approve of but once symptoms pass, the roots of God remain.
  • Family- As I stated in the first post of this series, most people say they only love God more than they do their family. whatever changes happen in health or whatever else may happen, you will always love your family. My great grandmother passed away from Alzheimers disease and I understood something about her: when she saw me, my dad and my other relatives she did not have a clue who we were (she thought I was my dad), but you could tell that she had extreme love for all of us. She was stricken with a terrible disease and she still held onto God and family. This shows that even if other parts of the self change and if the body changes, family never ceases to exist for you.

Ever Changing Self

  • Satan/Evil Demon- The constant struggle with sin keeps this part of the self within us allowing the evil demon to do certain things. The constant struggle means that sometimes we can be strongly resisting sin (keeping this part to a minimum) or we may be distancing ourself from God (allowing this part to run rampant). This means that this part of the self always changes.
  • Desire- this always changes because of our greedy nature. Another example of this change would be a guy wanting meaningless one night stands (bad desire) and then later wanting a true love relationship and later marriage (good desire) or a married man starting to cheat on his wife because he leans toward bad desire. Most of the change within this part pertains to switching back and forth between Good and Bad Desire.
  • Common Knowledge- As stated in the first post of this series, our common knowledge increases as we continue through life. From enculturation to seniority, common knowledge changes. This part of the self very rarely changes with decay. Most people say “You learn something new every day”.
  • Compassion/emotions- This part changes with health also. If there is someone you used to like but you now hate that person, compassion has changed. Change exists here. With relationships and contact with people, this always changes. The biggest way this changes is through severe mental illness.

Changes in Self Due to Mental Illness

First example is Multi personality disorder: if someone mentally ill this way has 3 or 4 or more personalities and constantly switches, this is change of self. Next example is schizophrenia: These people see and hear things that concerns them and the severe mental illness makes their changeable self change. Antisocial disorder: These are the people who are cons. They can trick you into giving them something and they can trick you into believing their lies. Their illness makes them do this to hurt other people or better themselves without care for others. Here, the compassion part basically disappears. I doubt it but if there was any change in family self, it would be here. Their Good Desire would disappear and Bad Desire would prevail. The Satan part of the self would run rampant. Lastly with older people who have deteriorated mentally whether it being Alzheimers or any other one: Their brains deteriorate so much that all of the changeable self fades drastically. As said before God and Family even fade but they are the ones that still remain strong with them.

Depression: Common Knowledge, Compassion/emotions are the parts that fade. Their extreme sadness changes the self. Personality departs from the person during this illness. A lot of self changes occur here but this is the mental illness with the least amount of self change.


Time is something that always changes the self in the changeable parts. For example the war criminals that finally came to trial in 1987, it was debated on whether or not to punish him because he had changed. People change all the time and if at one time a person places their values in one part of the self, those values may be relocated in a long period of time (I still dont think they should let him go for the war crimes just because he changed. He should pay for it).

If anatomy of the body is not enough to prove our existence, I suggest reading Rene Descartes’ meditations and make sure you read “I think, therefore I am”. I believe this along with the fact the God created all of us.

The soul never dies. The soul is only relocated. These are the two locations. There is no such thing as purgatory. This is pure dualism.

1)Heaven- This can be compared to the Greek Elysium or the Best existence but I prefer to use the non pagan description. On Soul Self and Body II of this series I stated all of the things you must do to satisfy the soul. Those things also admit one into this Best existence. Heaven is where one will be closest to God. The self will be mostly gone and you will have eternal life there. You will not have desire or pain or suffering. Gender will also be anonymous but one will not care because you will be in eternal life with God. Those who are saved go here after death.

2)Hell- A few people have been allowed to experience hell. They woke up screaming. There is a video called 23 Minutes in Hell. I have it in DVD but it might be on Youtube or somewhere. the man describes what was there. You are burned and are tortured. You beg for water but you do not get any. You beg for light but there is none. You are as distant from God as possible. this is really heartbreaking for the person. It is the worst existence. Those who are not saved go here after death.

Judgement Day/Revelation- The bible book of Revelation tells the stories of what will happen when the world ends. Beasts willl run across the earth. those who are saved will disappear and those not saved will remain for when Satan takes over this earth. The Left Behind books tell this story really well. People can die and still go to Heaven or Hell but very soon Jesus will come back and take all his children back to heaven before Satan takes over.

The soul does not die. The soul goes to another place. The immaterial body dies and decomposes.
Make the new home for you soul the right one.
Refer to Soul,Self, and Body II to see what is to be done to get to the Best Existence.


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