The Concept of Technology

20 May

this is another series of blogs I did a long time ago on another blog site.

This is the beginning of a 3 part series of posts concerning what technology is. We all know what it is. in the first two I dont think Ill be saying anything that is not known but the third one will be one that few people have even thought of but that I believe will eventually happen if the Revelation does not come first.

This is about the benefits we have.

  1. Computers/PCs: It replaced the type writer and Bill Gates brought it from being available to only rich people in the 80’s to being common as they are today.

-Email- we can now talk to each other over the computer in messages. was amazing to us when it first came out. Only drawback is when they send you emails asking you if you want to be bigger in that one certain area.

-Socail Networking- you can talk to everyone you have known in your life. no need to explain.

-online games -sharing of music and videos (Youtube etc.)- News- Search engines etc. the internet that is able for use oncomputers is a limitless entity.

*gets even better with things like Wifi when you can go sit under a tree and have internet access including all of the above.

WE love all of these things that come with personal computers and the internet

2. Cell Phones– used to be huge but now they are too small and I lose mine all the time. you can text and have internet wherever you want without your computer and without wifi connection. Texting is the biggest thing now. Cannot say that cell phones in technology arenot beneficial.

3. Gaming devices/speakers/ more efficient cars etc.

technology is a limitless entity which is beneficial to us right now (more on that later).

In my personal opinion there are 2 ways that technology can be bad for the world (other than the ultimate result if continued, will expand on that later).

Replacement of People
When technology is expaned it becomes more intricate and more complex and can almost think. The processes within it and the way certain machines are programmed allow them to do things like we can. This has a negative affect because when technology is developed enough to the point that there are machines intelligent enough to execute processes well enough that it could be an accountant or some other function what happens to the human accountant???
This has not yet happened to the extent that all companies are changing to machines for accountants instead of people but some jobs have been taken over by technology and people have been put out of work as a result of technological development. In the future, technology will become more developed and intelligent enough that jobs like accountants will be taken over by machines. If this happens during this current economic recession it will have an extreme negative affect

Humans vs. Machines

Throughout the last year that you have been using computers you cannot say in all truth that there has been no problems or errors that you have expereinced and had to deal with. Another thing that computers are susceptible to are viruses. On your computer you have precious pictures documents music and videos. Can you truthfully say that you trust your computer fully with all of those things? absolutely not. A virus could wipe them out, problems could occur and before they are saved it kicks you off and shuts down. Some sort of error occurs that you cant even use your computer or access those items. This is why you create backup accounts, get antivirus antispyware and flash drives for it to prevent your items from being lost forever. Point is that machines are subject to endless errors and problems that occur that cause problems with performance. Not to say that humans are perfect. they arent but humans are not material enough to be infected with cyber issues that are material like a computer.
We cannot trust everything to technology because there is always the risk of something happening.
If society were to progress to end up involving everthing on this earth in technology where everything happens and the whole entire world relies on technology alone trouble would be coming because there is always a new virus that comes out and people have to keep updating internet security. That wont happen if the whole world is technology and technology is the whole world. If something small happens it will escalate into huge problems because of how the whole world is technology alone and then it will be done because nothng will be able to be recovered. A technological error was thought to happen in 2000 because of how we thought that the technologtical systems would think its 190o. It didnt happen but something much more than that would actually occur if the above scenario were true.
This will happen if someone does not realize the consequences of subjecting everything to the errors that technology has.

What has technology done for society? It has advanced us very far and now simple and even complex tasks are done easily. Advances continue to be made that further advance technology and the result is our daily tasks are progressively made easier.

My Theory of Progress

Progress is when advances are made to make things better for everyone. Things are done and decisions are made that progress a society toward a better end. A better end is what is desired in the end but if progress is taken too far the end will be the opposite of what is desired.
Progress has been usually associated with technology and sometimes government like in the early 20th century when progress was popular as everyone wanted to better themselves.
In some things you can take progress as far as it goes without consequences.
In Government you can usually take progress as far as it goes but in some cases it leads to socialism and even communism (may have a series later concerning progress alone).
Technology is what I want to focus on now. Technology in progress takes progress to an almost infinite yet finite limit.

*Progress is best in moderation concerning all things that can be progressed.

If it is not in moderation you could end up with an end that is ten times worse than the progressive end you wanted.

Technology’s Ultimate Result of Progress

Why shoud progress be moderated? We are here on this earth to serve God. We are put here for our challeneges that we have to face. We are not left with a purpose if all of the hardships in life have been solved by progress. However I do not think that God would let progress go to its very end unless this world was at its very end in the Revelation. We also are not supposed to engage ourself fully in material things and technological progress at its very end would cause full engagement in this material thing by a lot of people. I do think that full technological progress could happen without the Revelation being near.

If technology continues they will inevitably get far enough that they can get inside the human mind physically. If this were to happen thoughts would be able to immediately be changed into actions. For example if you think that you want to change the channel on the tv you think it it happens. If the Revelation does not come first, the world will come to this. This seems better than getting up of one’s ass and getting the remote or manually using the tv to change the channel but things will also progress like robots that will be used as servants where if you think it that you are hungry the robot catches the thought and immediately feeds you and possibly using pills. If all these robots for servants and devices that are stuck in your mind that do what ever you want (another example that you want to get on the computer for internet you access the internet in your mind and you automaticall see it and if you want another URL you think it and it happens) and every possible technology is made (if this were to happen government would also be progressed and the U.S. might have gone to pure communism by then where they put chips in your head and put small devices on you that shock you) there is no struggle in life. People are trying to find a purpose in life now but if this scenario occurred the world would be a huge redundant mass.

*Full Progress in Technology=No Struggle=No Purpose for Existence

*I think it is very very possible that the world may come to this as it approaches the Revelation and all the people who invest there life in it and nothing else at all will perish.

**Not saying by any means that Technology is death people can have technology and material things but God must get a bigger part of that life than any material thing.

***Progress is best in moderation-Technology is best in moderation.

****Technology having achieved full extent of progress makes the world a Redundant Mass

Redundant Mass- A planetary mass where there is no purpose.


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