Le Chatelier Braun Principle

24 May

Im not one to love to talk about chemistry, but this principle has points in it that correspond to the way people react to every day occurrences.


In chemistry, a solution or compound in a solution achieves an equilibrium when there  is less change and things even out. Equilibrium basically  means that everything in that solution evened out making things level. Equilibrium is disturbed when changes occur. But, when there is no change and there has not been change for a period of time, equilibrium will stay in place.


The Le Chatelier-Braun principle is all about stress. When a solution is in equilibrium, stress has not been placed on it in awhile. Stress comes from things like a chemical reaction from incoming elements, pressure, heat, and even a change of state. This is described as stress because when something occurs to a solution, it is effected greatly. Changes to a solution in equilibrium causes stress, making the solution want to change to make the changes not cause stress.

Ultimately,  stress leads to a change in the equilibrium to lessen the stress and effects of the stress.

In chemistry, causes of stress include the following:

  • Pressure
  • Heat
  • Change in chemical composition
  • Effects of chemical reaction
  • Change in state

Equilibrium and stress not only apply to chemistry and compounds but it also applies to people and their lives.

Le Chatelier-Braun Principle of Life

Equilibrium can be described in a human life perspective by saying that if we feel that we dont need any change at the moment and that we are doing okay, we are at equilibrium. If things start to happen and we feel we need to change things or we are not happy with our lives, this is the action of stress starting to be placed upon your life. The things that cause stress in your life and in you, are what drive us to change or do things in our life every day. Because of this, stress being enacted in our life, causes us to change to get back to equilibrium just like in chemistry and all the compounds within solutions.

For example, if someone was in a class and felt fine with not going every class period feels totally fine with that and thinks he or she is doing fine, until a test grade gets back that is a relatively bad test grade. This bad test grade  makes the person feel like the current situation of not going to class all the time is NOT fine. This disturbs the equilibrium of the whole situation by the stress that is enacted upon the person’s life by the bad test grade. This stress from the bad test grade inevitably causes the person to change in some way shape or form to get back to equilibrium or get back to when things were fine. The stress causes change. When the person goes to class on a regular basis and does good on the next test, he or she feels that equilibrium is justified now because things are fine and dandy again.

This bad test grade in a person’s life can be compared to pressure on a chemical compound causing stress making the solution want to get back to equilibrium.

Shay Carl’s Pain vs. Pleasure

Along with stress and equilibrium, pleasure must also be taken into account. Shay Carl said this on one of his vlogs on youtube and I thought I would adopt those views. Stress being enacted upon one’s life is going to cause pain of some form if change does not occur that will return the person’s life back to equilibrium. Stress can be linked to cause pain if it is not checked. Shay basically said that the only way that change can happen is if the pain is greater than the pleasure. He said this concerning his Shay Loss weight loss competition he took upon himself to lose all the weight he could. He  stopped doing it and focused on his other 2 channels which I have no problem with, but when he was explaining this, he spewed this pain vs. pleasure idea that I  loved and have never thought of life that way. He said that eating good food and being kind of fat had a certain level of pleasure in it and the pain from being fat was not that big, therefore, he did not do the weight loss challenge because he didn’t care if he was fat or not.

Relating this to Le Chatelier-Braun,  stress of any kind will cause pain if it is not in check. For a lot of problems and other things in life, there is pain and pleasure that come with it. This is going to disturb the equilibrium regardless, but no change will occur unless the stress causes enough pain to succeed the pleasure. If the pain from the stress exceeds the pleasure, a change will occur reestablishing equilibrium. If the pleasure is greater than the pain from stress, no change will occur, but a new equilibrium will still be reestablished because of how the person will live with some degree of pain.


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