Mild Anarchy

24 May
A few examples of bad lawmaking. I do not think that government should have a say in the smaller things that we do in our lives
  • Smoking indoors (Nebraska)- was done because the nonsmokers do not like the smoke. They should go somewhere else if they do not like it. Smoking is a small event and there should be no law preventing it anywhere.
  • Slander (USA)- In the USA, it is unlawful to say something false about any person, especially the president. I think that slander should be a part of the First Amendment to free speech. Saying something false(libel/slander) could be something used for comedy or art and should be lawful in case one wanted to say something about another. Libel cases should not have any profit in it.
  • Any crime that is executed over the internet-   I do not condone predators online or pedophilia, but in my mind, the person does nothing unless something is done outside of a computer. If one sees kiddie porn online, the person needs mental help but did no crime at all. If a person abused a child, severe punishment is needed. If a predator talks to a child online, he has done nothing wrong, but if the predator had relations or abused the child, severe punishment is needed.
  • Gambling anywhere-  Nebraska does not legalize gambling in this state, so a lot of money is directed across the river to Iowa where gambling is allowed. That is not the issue but because of how Nebraska doesnt like gambling, a lot of money is lost. I think gambling should be allowed everywhere because, the person should have discretion on what he or she spends gambling. The person has total discretion over what he or she does.

Actions Requiring Legal Involvement

I think that there are a few actions that one can do that require legal action. Other than the below, no action or sin requires legal involvement by government.

1) Murder- in any possible sense. by accident or on purpose.

2) Rape/Sexual Abuse/Sexual abuse of children/sexual harassment

3) Assault- This basically meaning hurting others (use of a gun to hurt others is attempted murder) without actually killing them.

4)Theft– Taking anything from anyone. Robbery, burglary, id theft, fraud, embezzlement, purse snatching etc.)

5) Terrorism– Including hijacking a plane, carjacking, bombing etc.

6) Societal Abuse- a citizen themselves cannot commit this crime. If a financial company, bank or any other financial institution charges the citizens excessive fees, its societal abuse. If the government overtaxes the citizens its societal abuse and the leader(s) can be impeached. Any tyrannical act by a leader is also societal abuse.

Each of the 6 crimes are somewhat vague because there are lots of kinds of theft, terrorism, murder, sexual abuse, assault and societal abuse. This is not really anarchy, it is just much less government. The idea of capitalism would still be in place and free enterprise would still follow suit. Anarchy is the opposite of socialism. If anarchy itself had a type of economy it would be capitalism because anyone is allowed to start a business and make any financial moves.

Societal abuse is something that I think should be  a crime because my idea of SA occurs on a daily basis in USA. The country is in a recession because of SA. People are taking and taking and there ends up not being enough to keep the citizens afloat. That is societal abuse. There will be a further post on further detail of societal abuse and what the enforcement of it would aim for.

On a last note, the second category, sexual abuse, would not involve public nudity unless the person was directing their nudity towards someone to try to get something. For example, here in Nebraska, a guy kept appearing to a few different women naked and jacking off saying “Hey baby, want some?” That would be illegal in my limited government. If the person was just walking around naked or just flashing a crowd or if the whole crowd was naked, it would be perfectly lawful.

I know my views are weird but I just think that today, government has become somewhat tyrannical and should be limited to the 6 above laws to enforce. EVERYTHING ELSE should not be enforced because it is lawful.


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