Time’s Relation to Space in Nature: In Reference to Whitehead

8 Jun

This is not meant to be in direct relation to Whitehead’s work, but in his book Process and Reality he states his theory of nature, with time and space as its components. It  is the relation between time and space that I want to argue against Whitehead. In his work, Whitehead said the following things causing me to want to argue about it. Thats usually my tendency:

” It is hardly more than a pardonable exaggeration to say that the determination of the meaning of nature reduces itself principally to a discussion of the character of time  and the character of space.”

By saying this, Whitehead says that time and space are only components of nature and not anything else.

and also:

“There can be no time apart from space, and no space apart from time.”

This second proposition is what startles my arguing arsenal more. First, I do not feel that time is only involved in nature. Space however, is because it is a part of the creatum. I want my argument to be in this work that time can exist without relation to space and without being a part of nature. Also, that space does not/will not/ has not always exist(ed). Hopefully I achieve my goal.

Spinoza often denotes God as natura naturans and the creatum as natura naturata, denoting that both are a part of nature, but I do not think that God is nature. God created nature and manages nature, but is not nature Himself. Nature is a part of the earth and exists on the earth. Nature takes up space. Nature is of the creatum most importantly. Pagans worshiped nature and the earth, and did not worship God. Nature is different from God. God created nature and the two are not equal.

I think that Whitehead is right when he says that nature is divided into time and space, but when he says there can be not time without space and no space without time, he is partly wrong. There can be time without space. There cannot be space without time. Time always exists regardless of the world it measures time of. Time is always there whether there is space or not.

Before going into why there can be time without space, lets clarify why there cannot be space without time. First, time always exists regardless of anything else as stated above. Second, if there was some possibility where time would not exist, space could not possibly exist because if there is a tangible existence, there must be time to measure its length in the continuum.  So, if there is a tangible existence, time must always exist. By tangible I mean not holy, spiritual, or thought bound. Tangible meaning things that are physical like bodies, earth and other systems. If any of these things exist, time comes along with it.

∀xTx(Ex ⊃ TIx)

In other words, in all tangible things, if there is an existence, there is time.

This is something I want to keep in the back of ones head about the existence of the world. Do not forget that this only occurs in tangible things, or Tx. Space is by the way a tangible existence in all its possible forms.

Lets think about the big thing I want to argue today. Why does Whitehead think that time cannot exist without space? Why does time exist/has existed/may exist without space?

Whitehead may have thought that time cannot exist without space because he does not think that there can be existences without space.  Im sure he knew that time always exists regardless of whatever else is going on but he did not consider the possibility and for suredness that there are existences that do not take up space. This is something he may have overlooked due to his religious beliefs or other things.

Like I said before, space, nature and bodies are tangible existences that are a part of the creatum. God created the creatum for us to live in. All of the creatum and infinite space around it is space that is still tangible regardless of its infinity. So where is God, heaven and hell in this picture? Whitehead said that time and space do not exist without each other because he did not consider the fact that there are existences that are not tangible. God, angels, demons, Satan, heaven, and hell are not tangible existences like the creatum and its infinity.

I believe that the spiritual world (God, heaven, hell, angels, spirits, demons, and Satan) is not a tangible world and is not equal in components. This spiritual world does not take up space like the creatum does. For example, ghosts that are lost on this earth appear to the living tangible world here, and we can walk through them and vice versa and feel their presence, but how can this world be tangible if certain people can walk through others? This world is a place for us to go after we die (heaven or hell). This place is not the same as the world we live in now and is not a part of the creatum. This world is not a part of the creatum because it was made before the tangible existences were made. This world is not the creatum even though God created all of it. This spiritual intangible world has existed forever in the past, exists now, and will forever exist in the future. Think about this world being in existence before the creatum we live in today. There was no space (because the spiritual world did/does/will not occupy spaces).

Keeping all of this in mind, if there is ever an existence in the continuum tangible or intangible, a time sub-continuum exists. So, in the past and the very late future, when there is no creatum and just the spiritual world of intangible existences, there will still be time even though there is no space. Point made.

So time and space are a part of nature but time being a part of nature does not imply that time only exists in nature, because time exists and has existed as long as any existence tangible or intangible exists.

So, to sum up, in my opinion,  there is no space without time, but there is time even though there is no space. I would want to argue with Whitehead about this. I think I could present a positive case.

Thanks for support see you tomorrow at 8 pm central time.

Comment below your thoughts plz.


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