Progressing Advocation of Metaphysics

14 Sep

Some of my previous writings on this site have come about from my thoughts on some topics my classes have gone over, and these topics in philosophy have made me have a large desire to advocate and defend metaphysics from empiricism like Kant and in a more modern way that skilled metaphysicians do today. I am not the first one to want to defend metaphysics from empiricism , and I am not claiming to be the first one.

I do however claim to have a few theories that could progress to defend metaphysics logically and even empirically, but I do not wish to present those until further research and verification. I want to make this an introduction to my further writings here because most of the continuing writings will address something about defending metaphysics and addressing those who cause metaphysical decay.

My aspirations to defend metaphysics began when I read the part in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason about the noumena (there is a post all about noumena in the Immanuel Kant category to your right). Noumena is all things we cannot experience yet know still to exist. This is a primary principle of metaphysics that I intend to defend.

I do not mean for this to be a full writing, however, I want to define what my writings will be about in the future. I want to discuss any philosopher that addresses metaphysics, and that is what I am determined to do. First, I have not discussed Aristotle at all in my writings here, and I want to read his metaphysical material and address those. Second, I want to address the metaphysical and theological thinkers that advocate things like noumena, God and other things. Third, I want to address those who discredit metaphysics like empiricists and positivists. These include Russell, all members of the Vienna Circle including Wittgenstein again, Schlick, Carnap, Neurath, Hahn, and more. Also, empiricists like Hume.  These groups of philosophy are great yet they often anger me in their discredit of anything other than the experience. Fourth, and finally, I want to present ideas metaphysicians today present that I may apply to advocating the existence of things we do not experience. I will not do this instantaneously but in a very gradual fashion, addressing small topics bit by bit. I want this site not only from here on out to be a philosophical guide to all philosophers, but also to be an advocation of metaphysics (and theology for that matter).

I took a little break from writing here just to reevaluate my direction and decide what is next, because in my previous trains of thought I came to a standstill and needed to figure out what my goals were. My previous goals were to further familiarize myself with the ideas of many philosophers, and having done that somewhat, I feel like I can begin further and further evaluating them and presenting my own ideas.

This is not a formal writing for this site, just an introduction to what the writings hereafter will be considering.


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