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If There were No Hell, then would Morals Exist?

8 Jul

I got this as a question on my latest post on Jeremy Bentham from  radiancy. This question really sparked my thoughts and interest because of what morals really are and what hell includes within it.

I want to discuss the meaning of hell and morals and discuss the condition of morals upon hell. Hopefully, throughout this process, I can state my opinion on whether or not morals would exist if hell did not.

From reading interpretations of what morals are in todays society I have collectively came to understand that morals are methods of conduct in life that people merely glance upon to having them involved in every life action. This method or code of conduct corresponds to what I would define as Plato’s Form of the Good (I explain this form in my post of Plato’s Idealism). Morals are encoded in our brains from the moment we are able to speak. Morals and their correspondence to the Form of the Good say to us daily ” You shouldn’t do that.” They tell us what is acceptable and what is not. We have good and bad things go through our brain, and the things that go from thoughts to actions are governed by morals.

So from where did morals come? Before God created the creatum, all that existed was Him, and all the angels in Heaven. The only thing that existed was the Good. Then, by God’s predestination, Lucifer ( an angel ) left Heaven and brought some former angels with them (Fallen Angel(s)). This brought about the Form of the Evil (Plato did not make this form known) and Hell.  Therefore, we have the struggle between Good and evil, heaven and hell.

Those who want to conform to what God wants, and the Form of the Good use morals to determine what actions are acceptable and what are not. So, morals are a big part of our life because of how we have understood evil and good and why we want to correspond to the Good.

In thought about what morals come from, and what they do daily, if there was no hell, do you think morals would exist? If there was no evil, there would be no struggle, if there was no hell, there would have been no war between heaven and hell’s angels. If there was no hell, there would be no evil, and no bad. The Form of the Good would have won all. So, to finally answer this question, morals would no longer exist if there was no hell.

Morals help us sift through the good and bad, and pick out the good to govern our lives and thoughts. If there was no hell, there would be no evil, and all there would be to sift through would be good, and no morals would be necessary.

Heaven and hell being the source of good and evil, the hell being removed from existence, would take away the source of evil, and no more evil would come about because only Heaven would be left. Morals would not be necessary because everything to choose from would be a good choice. Morals would not be necessary to govern our choices.

So,  if there were no hell, morals would not exist.

This argument is however, purely hypothetical and arbitrary. The argument helps us understand why we are here thought, because God puts forth morals to help us understand what the right choices are, and why we must pick them to survive later in eternity.

This argument is arbitrary because hell will always exist. Hell will come up from the earth and rule the world after the Revelation. The people who are saved and who used morals to pass the test we are here to pass will ascend to Heaven with God for eternity.

This is an arbitrary argument, however it is a thoughtful and  thought provoking one. Thanks to radiancy for the thought.