Aesthetic Thought

Below are paintings that are incredibly aesthetically pleasing, by Picasso.

At beginning perception of the above, what do you see at the outset? Yeah, tits, and asses. Other paintings of his are not so exposing and  nudist as this one.

More is to come of Picasso, and of other artists, but I wanted to post these up just to evaluate these alone of their aesthetic beauty and value, and if they achieve at all the aims of art as defined by Hegel. Go to my introduction to aesthetics where I talk about Hegel’s definition of the aims of art  here:

Below is artwork of Georgia O’Keefe:

Vincent Van Gogh

The above is a great painting I think because it does well in aiming to imitate nature. It has beauty because it imitates well the nature of the flowers he painted. These flowers are irises, and irises look exactly as he did them. If you have seen an iris in real life you notice that Van Gogh’s painting is similar to a real iris because of the stem, and leaves below the bloom, and that the structure of the flower is limp in the bottom parts and erect on the top petals. What I think really is done well is that the center of the iris, in the yellow color expanding into white, is fantastically well imitated. This painting struck me to be very very similar, and I assess it to have a lot of beauty because of this (by Hegel’s standards).

The above is also a great imitation of nature not exactly because of the structure of things like in the iris painting, but because of the mood it sets. I use mood loosely defined. By that, I mean that the mood and feeling of autumn is accurately imitated. Like the season is right now (September and October) the leaves are starting to change, it is beginning to get cooler, and a general feeling of autumn is apparent. Thinking about the mood and feeling anyone feels during the autumn season, Van Gogh’s painting accurately parallels that feeling because of how that feeling is accurately regenerated by natural beauty.

Again, another great painting imitating nature by Van Gogh. I can see the natural beauty in this because of the way a starry night it, and the way it is when seen over a body of water. The reflections in the water imitate nature because of how he painted well the stars in the sky, and the stars reflected in the water. This is also naturally beautiful because of the perspective that is assessed if a person was actually there, especially because he includes the people in the bottom right of the painting. I am just spouting off my thoughts because these paintings intrigue me, which can mean that these paintings achieve some of the second aim of art too.

This is a surrealist painting by Rene Magritte. I wrote a writing about Michel Foucault’s writing about the painting and its  calligram. If you want an intense aesthetic evaluation of this painting go the the Michel Foucault category to the left and the only post there is the post about this painting. This painting has aesthetic value because of the confusion in provokes because of its ambiguities. Go to the writing for more.

The above painting is by Darryn James Rae made for Shay Carl. This painting has meaning and it means Happiness is a choice. For more about it go to the Epicurus category and one of the two posts there will be the post about this painting.

more from Darryn James Rae



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